What Keeps You Motivated?


I spoke to some film freshman from my old college, today and a student asked: “What keeps you motivated in a profession that fluctuates so much? Where you’re working job to job with long gaps between them?” Oof, hitting hard with those questions at 7:30AM.

For me, it’s hard to put into words. I love films. I love watching them, I love making them, the process, etc. I’ve switched my major a few times and once I chose this one, I was hooked. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else–as if my mind and body won’t allow me to do anything else. Like a need to keep going, no matter how difficult it is, it’ll be worth it. Making films is one of greatest feelings and experiences I’ve ever had in my life and I can’t see myself doing anything else. If I keep learning and pushing myself in this field- I’ll never regret film.

What keeps YOU motivated in your profession?


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