Behind the Scenes of SNL’s Grouch (Joker Parody)

Saturday Night Live is known for their funny sketches with celebrity guests in shows they put out once a week on Saturday Night. But, did you know the skits that are not filmed in the studio are written, filmed, edited, and seen on TV all in one week?

Mainly they are filmed on Friday and edited through the night and all of Saturday with VFX, too.

Adam Epstein is one of the editors for SNL and he periodically posts time-lapses of his work on Vimeo. Showing he starts work Friday all the way till sometimes during the show:

These skits take teams of people to produce, direct, film, location scout, etc. In this video, SNL posted about what it takes to film a pre-taped sketch:

Saturday Night Live recently posted a video behind the scenes of the popular Grouch trailer parody they made with David Harbour showcasing what just some of the different departments do. From writing in early in the week to location scouting to match the Joker movie, to writing music for the trailer.



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