Episode 08 – Hal Hickel (ILM Animation Supervisor)

Hello and welcome to episode 8 of The Closing Credits Podcast. Today, I interviewed Academy Award winning Industrial Light & Magic Animation Supervisor, Hal Hickel. In this episode, we spoke about his different work on various films, working on his first television show, The Mandalorian, when does one decide to use practicals vs VFX or a mix of both, animating digital humans, and if deep fakes are helpful to the industry.
Hal Hickel Twitter: https://twitter.com/halhickel
Industrial Light & Magic: https://www.ilm.com/
To find out more information, please go to www.closingcreditspod.com or @closingcred on Twitter and Instagram.
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Theme song is by Christopher Findlaytor, the logo is by Steve Mehallo, and special thanks to everyone who sent in questions and who have been supporting the podcast. Thanks again for tuning in!

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