2020 has been quite a ride for everyone. Anxiety levels are high and it just doesn’t seem to let up with each consecutive day.

No one has the answers to what’s to come, but, I hope you all are keeping safe out there.

With people working from home, between jobs, or out of work-these are highly stressful times for everyone. It’s always important to take a step back and take sometime for yourself to unwind and try to shut things out for a given period. Social media definitely doesn’t help with anxiety and can be overwhelming. It’s okay to log off for a day or two, or even just an hour.

Being a freelancer, downtime can be nerve-wracking but, not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoy it between jobs or scheduling myself to just work during the week like an office job and leave the weekends for some ‘me’ time. I, of course, watch lots of movies and television during these times. Follow me on Letterboxd if you wish.

Listen to some of my favorite podcasts examples:

The Interesting Podcast

The Working Diva

Talking Bay 94

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

Code Switch

Soundworks Collection

How I Built This

Any many more including audiobooks and audio dramas: Follow along on my Goodreads account. Which, to save money, I checkout audiobooks and books from my local library and use Libby or Overdrive.

I’m also always on the search for cool new sounds to add to my own personal sound effects library. I try not to travel for it since the air quality in Northern California is horrible and it’s best to stay home and safe to help stop the spread of COVID-19. I post those types of videos on my social media: Instagram and Twitter .

I would love to hear about what you’re doing during this downtime in life to help keep sane, the pass the time, to learn something new, to go back to old favorite films and TV.

If you are into learning something new. Checkout Udemy or SkillShare


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