It’s Been Awhile

This past year, like for many others, has been quite a stressful year. I kind of neglected this blog for a bit due to work, family, and podcast obligations. A lot has happened in a year. Some good. Some bad. We’re all getting through it in our own ways. I’m thankful for the help and people I have around me. I’m very privileged that way.

2021, we’re back! I’ll be posting more film related blog posts sporadically throughout the year. Still coming up with blog ideas and things are still settling down but posts will be back soon.

In the meantime. Let me fill you in on what’s been happening.

First off, I got my podcast up and running! I even work with some PR companies who send guests my way. It’s been amazing! I can’t believe I get to chat with some of my heroes in the industry and reach others in this special way. The Closing Credits Podcast

I’m partnered with View Conference for a few episodes and I even had the privilege to be on the jury for their shorts award. Getting to chat with professionals in the animated and press industry was so cool. Especially hearing about the process and animators catching small details I didn’t catch on my first viewing. That was a special day. View Conference Festival

I was interviewed by the magical Kristina Manente for SyFy Wire about sound design! Even got to be featured in the same article as Gary Rydstrom and Beau Jimenez (I absolutely love The Last of Us series)! What Makes Monsters Sound Scary

I helped my new friends make our first audio drama! Being asked to work on a fan audio drama based in the Star Wars world? How could I say no? I learned soooo much from working on this. The Adventures of the Zolan Dart

Which got featured on! A Rad Fan-Made STAR WARS Audio Drama Goes to the Outer Rim

Even getting featured on Amy Richau’s site 365 Star Wars Women. Day 569 – Kristina Morss

Which lead to a roundtable discussion of a few of us to made the Zolan Dart come to life. The Adventures of the Zolan Dart Roundtable

Being interviewed by the very fantastic, Savanna Oudit and having a discussion about being a woman in film. The difficulties that can come with it, the sexism, the racism, the toxic behaviors by your fellow crew mates. I really appreciated this interview, especially since I admire Savanna so much. I also absolutely love her podcast! The Working Diva Podcast

Another person I admire? Brian Ballance. Both he and Savanna brought me on to the Zolan Dart project and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I made new friends. Working alongside people that make me better every day. It’s truly been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. Brian, like Savanna, has an awesome podcast. The Interesting Podcast. I don’t feel like that interesting of a person but, I’m very honored her and Savanna asked me to be on their podcasts. They both have one together called The Dorky Diva Show which I believe you should all checkout. Especially if you’re a Star Wars fan. The Interesting Podcast Episode 148.

It’s been an amazing year making new connections, new friends, new clients, new everything. I do hope you all are doing safe out there. Be kind to one another.




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