Sound Editing, Sound Design, Re-Recording Mixing?

Have you wondered what all those job titles mean? I recently interviewed David Acord of  Skywalker Sound, on my podcast, The Closing Credits Podcast about just that. Check it out here: Episodes Continue reading Sound Editing, Sound Design, Re-Recording Mixing?

The Sonic Journey of Following in Ben Burt’s Footsteps

As many of you know, outside of video editing, blogging, and podcasting, I really want to be a sound designer. Though, I was a bio major for many years, and changed my major a lot, I ended up with film way later in my career. (Remember: it’s never too late to start!) I own the Sounds of Star Wars book, and my current projects have … Continue reading The Sonic Journey of Following in Ben Burt’s Footsteps

The Beauty of Missing Link

By now, you’ve probably heard the long list of nominees for the 2020 Oscars. One of the films up for Best Animated Feature–Laika Studio’s Missing Link. If you haven’t seen it, it’s up on Hulu right now! You might recognize the name Laika Studios. They’ve made Coraline, ParaNorman, and Kubo and the Two Strings. They are one of the few stop motion studios in the … Continue reading The Beauty of Missing Link

Women of Film Networking Event

Hello all! My friends Bex Francis and Samantha K Henderson recently started a group called For the Love of Cinema where we will be putting on mixers and events in the Sacramento area centered around filmmaking. It all started from some women talking about how the Sacramento film scene needed a group where women filmmakers can come and strengthen one another. We all have our … Continue reading Women of Film Networking Event

The Lighthouse’s Eerie Soundtrack

Robert Egger’s The Lighthouse showcased some of 2019’s best acting. This psychological horror film also showcased some very eerie music. The soundtrack, alone, is eerie and unsettling–just like the film. But, how does one compose a soundtrack and use such strange sounds to create haunting score? Mark Korven is a Canadian musician and composer active for the past few decades in post television and film. He’s … Continue reading The Lighthouse’s Eerie Soundtrack

Behind the Scenes of SNL’s Grouch (Joker Parody)

Saturday Night Live is known for their funny sketches with celebrity guests in shows they put out once a week on Saturday Night. But, did you know the skits that are not filmed in the studio are written, filmed, edited, and seen on TV all in one week? Mainly they are filmed on Friday and edited through the night and all of Saturday with VFX, … Continue reading Behind the Scenes of SNL’s Grouch (Joker Parody)

The Irishman’s New Tech

If you’re like me and hunkered down for over 3 hours to watch The Irishman, you probably enjoyed the hell out of it-especially as a Scorsese fan. Over the last decade, the ‘de-aging’ tech/vfx used in cinema has gotten better and better. Martin Scorsese wanted to use real lighting, no mo cap suits, no tracking dots, and allow the actors the freedom to improvise and … Continue reading The Irishman’s New Tech

What sounds make up Baby Yoda?

Are you obsessed with Baby Yoda like the rest of the internet (sorry places outside of the U.S.)? Have you wondered what makes up its adorable little noises? Turns out, it’s not just baby coo’s. Well, Supervising Sound Editor for The Mandalorian, Matthew Wood posted on Twitter the real answer. A “combination of baby samples, bat-eared foxes, kinkajous, and the sound design vocal talents of … Continue reading What sounds make up Baby Yoda?