Episode 12 – Phillip W. Palmer (Location Sound Mixer)

In episode 12, I had the immense pleasure of speaking with Phillip W. Palmer. We spoke about his job as a location sound mixer, how it’s an overlooked aspect of set, the differences in working in film and television, communication is a key factor on set, and how to approach problems that can arise on any type of location. Listen Here Phillip’s IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0658419/ Cinema Audio … Continue reading Episode 12 – Phillip W. Palmer (Location Sound Mixer)

Resources For Working From Home

CDC COVID-19 Information I hope you all are doing alright during this crazy time. Please stay safe out there! I thought I’d put together an ongoing list of of resources for productivity and working from home. For Field Recordist Free Temporary Licenses Sound Resources by Women in Sound Free Software for the Creative Community Adapting Your Sound Editing Workflow Method for Organizing Field Recordings Video … Continue reading Resources For Working From Home

What Does a Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer Do?

Have you wondered what a Sound Editor or Re-Recording Mixer does? A few months ago, Vanity Fair posted a video detailing what it is they do in Ford v Ferrari (which, if you haven’t seen the movie, you really should!) Don Sylvester (who also recently won the Oscar for Best Sound Editing!) and David Giammarco breakdown some scenes in this video. Check it out! Continue reading What Does a Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer Do?

The Sonic Journey of Following in Ben Burt’s Footsteps

As many of you know, outside of video editing, blogging, and podcasting, I really want to be a sound designer. Though, I was a bio major for many years, and changed my major a lot, I ended up with film way later in my career. (Remember: it’s never too late to start!) I own the Sounds of Star Wars book, and my current projects have … Continue reading The Sonic Journey of Following in Ben Burt’s Footsteps

The Lighthouse’s Eerie Soundtrack

Robert Egger’s The Lighthouse showcased some of 2019’s best acting. This psychological horror film also showcased some very eerie music. The soundtrack, alone, is eerie and unsettling–just like the film. But, how does one compose a soundtrack and use such strange sounds to create haunting score? Mark Korven is a Canadian musician and composer active for the past few decades in post television and film. He’s … Continue reading The Lighthouse’s Eerie Soundtrack

What sounds make up Baby Yoda?

Are you obsessed with Baby Yoda like the rest of the internet (sorry places outside of the U.S.)? Have you wondered what makes up its adorable little noises? Turns out, it’s not just baby coo’s. Well, Supervising Sound Editor for The Mandalorian, Matthew Wood posted on Twitter the real answer. A “combination of baby samples, bat-eared foxes, kinkajous, and the sound design vocal talents of … Continue reading What sounds make up Baby Yoda?